High Wycombe, Bucks, UK

ROSE Programme

The ROSE (Reflect, Overcome, Strengthen, Empower) Programme was developed for people who like to have a structured and time-limited approach to counselling and would like the insight and tools to help manage their feelings and relationships with others in a better way. Our goal is to provide access to some elements of one-to-one therapy in a safe, accessible and affordable group setting.


Why? Well, we have a background in facilitating group therapy programmes and we began to recognise that participants gained a better awareness of particular topics during sessions, such as abuse, but that when the family therapy or abuse awareness programmes ended, they had a strong need to process their own experiences further. 


Our clinical staffs experiences with private clients also helped highlight the key areas that all clients needed to explore further at some point and we would use a creative approach to work through these. You can attend the programme if you would like to build on what you have discovered in therapy or if you would like to gain some self awareness and focus on what you would like to explore further in personal therapy.

“Today’s session helped me learn about personal feelings and dealing with them and how they are carried forward. It helped to see the difference between shame and guilt. It’s good to understand how to avoid making others feel bad and letting others make you feel bad.” – Anonymous Client (ROSE Programme)

What you’ll learn

We’ll explore relationships and how to feel calm, confident and clear in daily life. We’ll reflect on the past and the present. Topics include; anxiety and depression, anger vs assertiveness, attachment needs and fears, shame and guilt, as well as exploring boundaries with yourself and others. The overall aim is to help you reflect on what matters, overcome challenges, strengthen yourself and be empowered to live well.

Session format

The 10-week programme can be delivered online or in-person. Each week includes a two-hour session for groups or individual sessions. A 3 day intensive course can also be provided. We use a blend of facilitation, reflection and personal written exercises in each session. We also share a range of tools, insights and an easy-to-understand approach.

How to book

Whether you are a private individual or you want to refer a client, get in touch via the button below and we can get the ball rolling. We respond within 48 hours, Monday to Friday.